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Tinsel Triathlon Foundation

The Tinsel Triathlon Foundation is dedicated to the belief that active people live healthier more fulfilling lives. We believe regular exercise is a gateway to a positive, active, and meaningful life. Though our focus is on assisting collegiate, low income, and challenged athletes to gain access to participate in these events, we encourage everyone toward an active lifestyle. Whether walking, playing tennis, a round of golf, shooting hoops, doing your first triathlon, a marathon, mountain bike racing, cycling, or swimming laps, we seek to provide you with the tools needed to exhaust your human potential and bring your best self to fruition.


Supported Programs

The Tinsel Triathlon has supported the following programs / causes:

Cops 4 Kids / Battle of the Badges
Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF)
Run United / San Jacinto Unified School District
HUSD & SJUSD Youth Triathlon Entry Fees
Hemet Police Officers Association
Exceeding Expectations


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